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Robert Dean Klein was born and raised a movie freak in the suburbs of West Orange, NJ. He spent weekends as a child in dark movie theaters, only to return home and continue the story where it left off on his typewriter.

At 23, he moved to Atlanta, GA with childhood friend, Chris Williams, who would later become his film-producing partner. In the south, Mr. Klein would write four screenplays - the first of which, "Peaces Of Ronnie" (aka "A Cold Day In August"), was entered into the 1995 Nichol Fellowship in Screenwriting competition. His virgin attempt would make it to the semi-finals of that year's contest, placing in the top 90 out of 4000 scripts.

Inspired to return north, Mr. Klein moved to New York City and began the long process of getting this film made. In the seven-year span, he would complete a total of fifteen scripts. Mr. Klein began a career of ghostwriting and co-writing scripts for hire by various directors and producers. One of the more fruitful relationships formed was with director Uwe Boll - the two collaborated on such titles as "Sanctimony", "Blackwoods", "Zero Hour" and "Homeroom".

In the summer of 2000, he had two of his films ("Dead Dogs Lie" and "Kill Charlie") produced and directed by Mr. Williams and Mr. Craig Singer. Finally, in February of 2001, "A Cold Day in August" became a reality, starring Michael Rapaport and Gary Stretch. All three of these projects are currently in post-production. Mr. Klein is in the process of setting up the follow-up with his producing/directing team.

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