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Sometimes life gives you a second chance, but how long does a second chance last?

Three suspicious hired killers  (Duck, Amity and Michael Mack) travel down the East Coast in a van with precious little information about what this weekend job will entail. They've been given a list of "jobs to handle" for there mutual boss and kingpin Larry Gold. More difficult than the work itself is that they have never met before - they are total strangers - creating an immediate tension that builds through the trip. As they drive from New York to Florida. - they begin to share some information about themselves and their sorted pasts.  Quick stops here and there as they go from state to state, leaving their permanent imprint on the unfortunates they meet.  Duck's a hotheaded with a bad temper and an even worse attitude, Michael's the professional father-type with a strong personal reason for being on this job in the first place, and a beautiful young lady named Amity -- well, Amity's got her own issues. The only thing they have in common is that they have all worked for this same boss in the past and they have all screwed up in a big way for that boss at one time. As they share their stories of the mistakes they've made on the job - seen through vivid, jarring flashbacks - they start to wonder why it was they were put together in the first place and what is waiting for them at the end of their "road trip"... Is there really an honor among thieves?   Dead Dogs Lie gives new meaning the term "Roadkill"

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